Ask the Trothampton Ponies!

Yyyyeah, so, as you probably noticed by the lack of posts, this blog will most likely not update anymore, due to several reasons (like a huge drop of enthusiasm for the show itself, both mods basically forgetting how to draw ponies and getting sick of the fandom, especially thanks to constant character/art-theft) so…sorry. Questions are already closed, feel free to unfollow.

The blog will stay online for a while though, to make it possible to look at the old posts. Sorry again!

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Anonymous asked: "Everything's fine with the ponys? 'Cause they're not answering questions anymore..."


Yeah sorry, currently we’re in an unexpected hiatus as both mods lack time/motivation for the blog.

It’s not like we’ve given up on it though, we will be back eventually, so just have patience with us!

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((This one’s pretty obvious))

((This one’s pretty obvious))

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((Sorry for the load of Livid-answers at the moment, Tuka is pretty busy right now ó//v//ò

Anyway, yeah they still live in Ponyville, and as for Applebloom, yes she has, as she has visited the Apple-family living in Trothampton.))

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Anonymous asked: "man that anons talkin shit livid your answers are just as good as tukas! both of you are great!"

Thank you Anon!! (Tuka still needs more questions though, that was a fact.)

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Anonymous asked: "Tuka should answer more questions. Her answers are funnier then Livids."



So far, about 75% of questions in the inbox are directed at my (Livid’s) characters (and most of them at Snowflake Flair), so it inevitably happens that I answer more questions! I honestly feel bad about that already!

For the record, Tuka owns Ragtag, Linchpin, Sweet Justice, Applesauce, Kicking Stump, Lightning Haste and Cera Seal, Niniche, Cheese Cake and Strawberry Cake. Go crazy! Ask them stuff! The side-characters need love too!

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((It’s still Infinite Stripe, Anon, not Invite Stripe.))

((It’s still Infinite Stripe, Anon, not Invite Stripe.))

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